Why Raw milk?

Raw milk is a rich source of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and good omega fats! Unlike their industrial, confined cousins, pasture raised dairy cows have high amounts of vitamin E, vitamin K, Beta-carotene(vitamin A), and many others. It is great for the immune system and heart too!  Win and Win!

Why raw? It’s alive! In the mass production of milk, there is not enough time to clean every cows udder before milking and as a result, bacteria gets into the milk from the cows udder and thus ends up in the bulk tank. If allowed to stay there for very long, all the milk would sour from bacteria growth so they have to heat it up to kill the bad bacteria. This is pasteurization. Unfortunately, when it is pasteurized and homogenized all that good stuff is killed off thus making it a dead product. Another reason for pasteurization is that cows in confined dairies (meaning they have no access to green grass) often carry e-coli bacteria systemically. When a cow eats green grass it helps them fight off this and other infections.

Cows were meant to eat grass and grass hay, not corn silage and huge amounts of other cereal grains. The last reason for pasteurizing is that over 50% of dairy cows in each dairy are fighting mastitis infections. This causes a high red blood cell count and many thousands of puss cells in each gallon of milk which if left as-is, will sicken people as well.

So, after all this, the industry then has to add synthetic vitamins A, D, and calcium back to the product as they are destroyed in the pasteurization process. Unfortunately only about  ¼ of synthetic  vitamins are used by the body. Whole food sources are completely absorbed and utilized by the body. Yay for whole unprocessed foods!

Clean, whole, raw milk is loaded with beneficial probiotics too, making it easy to turn it into raw healthy yogurt or Kefir.  Other fun things you can do are skim off some of the cream to make butter, make healthy chocolate milk with honey as the sweetener, or skim the cream and make ice cream!

What is A2A2?

In the past 100 years a mutation took place in the protein chain of the Holstein cow. Because the Holstein produces such a huge amount of milk this breed has been bred into every other dairy cow breed to make that breed make more milk. So all breeds of dairy cows, including some beef cows, have this mutated (bad) beta-casein called A1 beta-casein. A2A2 refers to old bloodline cows that do not have the gene for this mutated protein.

Why do we only have A2A2 certified cows?

Think A1 bad and A2A2 good or unmutated beta-casein. It has only been about 15 years since this was discovered in by scientists and doctors in New Zealand. They was also discovered is that this bad, mutated A1 Beta-casein is one of the two main culprits for lactose intolerance issues and that it may cause many other health problems as well. It also acts as an opioid narcotic in the body. In the book Devil In The Milk, illness, health and the politics of A1 A2 milk by Keith Woodford it goes into detail about the many health problems with A1 milk, whether raw or not.

So, why is it not popular here in the USA like in Australia and New Zealand? Politics and money have kept the issue from being well known. At this point there is a small amount of A2A2 milk being imported in to the US on the East Coast and there are a handful of families in each state that know about A2 milk and are testing their cows for it. Finding out if your cow is A2A2 (old bloodlines) is not too hard for the back yard small dairy owner. It requires pulling a few tail hairs from your animal and sending them to UC Davis for a genetic test. Our friend tested 13 cows at a time trying to find 1 healthy A2A2 cow. Of that 13 cows only 3 came back as A2A2.  Talk about poor odds! As you can see, it is hard to find the cows that are the old, unmutated lines anymore! You have to breed A2A2 tested bull to A2A2 tested Heifer to get A2A2 offspring. That is what we do. We keep our good heifers as replacements and no longer need to test or buy cows outside the farm.

We have many shareholders who cannot drink even raw milk from another farm, but can drink our A2A2 milk. Some cannot handle store bought, pasteurized milk just because it is pasteurized and toxic to the body. For others, they cannot drink milk containing the mutated A1 beta-casein without being miserable! It could be organic and raw, but if it is not A2 then they just will not be able to drink it! We have some amazing testimonies from people that were never able to drink any raw cows milk, but they can drink ours!  Many people are just A1 beta-casein intolerant, not lactose intolerant.

Whether you have had problems drinking milk in the past or not, the milk you get as a shareholder is sure to make smile. Come by the farm and see for yourself.