Meet the McAllister Family


                                                                              Lori, Brayden, Kendra, Weston, Elainna, Jeremy, Makenna and Ryan.                                                                                                Cows pictured; future milk cow Tilly, milk cows Dahlia and Whimsy

                                                                             Lori, Brayden, Kendra, Weston, Elainna, Jeremy, Makenna and Ryan.             

                                                                                Cows pictured; future milk cow Tilly, milk cows Dahlia and Whimsy

                                                                Why we do what we do

Clean, whole foods are of great importance to our family.   Lori grew up on the same piece of land that she and her family are now farming. Growing up, cows were a big part of her life along with chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, and horses. Her family drank raw milk, raised pastured beef, chickens, ducks and grew a large garden each year canning and freezing everything.

 Around 13 years ago, one of the kids was having issues with digestion. We evaluated our diet and it came up lacking. At that point we switched back to eating closer to the way Lori grew up, all organic and as many whole foods as possible. We saw great improvement in all our health. 11 years ago we moved back to the farm so we could be close to Lori's dad. Starting with bare land,  we built a house, started a large garden, and planted over 21 different kinds of fruit trees. We then began building and repairing fences with the goal of having cows and sheep again.  Our goal was to further adopt a very simple, organic, whole foods diet centered on a great deal of what we could produce on our land. After a lot of work, we finally got a family milk cow that we shared with 8 other families in our local area.

These changes had such a profound effect on our lives that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! We started sharing with our closest friends, one cow turned into several cows, and today we are blessed to be able to share with you!